Darkglass Electronics Alpha Omega Ultra Bass Pedal


  • Alpha & Omega Distortion channels
  • Full blend knob for mixing clean and processed signals
  • Six band active EQ
  • Headphone out
  • Balanced direct out
  • Cabinet simulator
  • USB connection to load cabinet presets
  • True bypass channel


Darkglass is quickly building quite a reputation as the best source of bass guitar effects, amps, and pre-amplifier pedals. At the top of their offering line is the Alpha Omega Ultra: a compact pre-amp pedal with two unique distortion channels, full EQ, and multiple options for blending and adjusting your tones.

If you’re playing rock or metal bass, this is a pedal you need to check out. The two distortion tones, level, and added drive gives you the flexibility to switch between a warm fuzz, or a pure, driving distortion that any guitar player would be jealous of. The blend knob also allows you to mix in some of that clean sound if you want to preserve that smooth low end.

This pedal has everything you need to get your own unique, aggressive bass tone. It’s ready for practice, hitting the road, or working in the studio. A balanced, direct output and cabinet simulator means you can plug straight in to the mixing board.

Please note: A 9V DC adapter is required for operation and is not included. This pedal does not include battery slots and requires a third-party power supply.


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