Ibanez Prestige RG2027XL – 7 String


  • Dual DiMarzio Fusion Edge 7 Humbuckers
  • Basswood body
  • Maple neck
  • Ebony fretboard
  • Vibrato bridge
  • Whammy bar


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Built for speed, expression, and balanced tones, the Ibanez Prestige is a serious guitar for serious guitarists.

With seven strings and 24 frets, it provides range beyond what most guitars can offer. The tremolo bridge and whammy bar provide additional range and expression options.

Dual DiMarzio Fusion Edge 7 humbuckers and a basswood body provide a powerful, yet balanced tone. A switch is also available so players can choose between the bridge or neck pickup, or a sound combining the two.

Perhaps most exciting, the guitar features a Wizard-7 profile on the maple neck and ebony fretboard. This neck profile, designed and researched by Ibanez, was calculated to provide fast playability and reduced hand strain. That’s right: it plays just as well as it sounds and looks!


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