Ludwig Element Evolution 5-Piece Drum Set Blue Sparkle


Set includes the following:

  • Zildjian 20″ Ride cymbal
  • Zildjian 16″ Crash cymbal
  • Zildjian 14″ Hi-Hats
  • 14″x5″ snare drum
  • 22″x16″ bass drum
  • 16″x16″ floor tom
  • 10″x8″ mounted tom
  • 12″x9″ mounted tom
  • Drum throne
  • Kick pedal
  • Cymbal stands and assembly hardware


Quality, convenience, and affordability combine with this Ludwig Element Evolution 5-Piece Drum Set, shown in Blue Sparkle.

Designed with intermediate drummers in mind, this set can also be a great starting spot to learn on, or a more advanced kit that can be expanded on to cover a wide range of possibilities.

Zildjian cymbals provide a professional quality and long lifespan, as well as a great sound. Each drum shell is encased in 6 layers of poplar for big sounds and balanced overtones.


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