Korg Rhythm KR-55B Drum Machine (used)


The Korg Rhythm KR-55B drum machine comes with 96 preset rhythms featuring bass drum, snare, 2 hihats, cymbols, rim hits, two conga drums and two snares. This vintage rhythm machine is hard to find but you’ll recognize its sounds from classic artists like Depeche Mode.

This unit is used and a little dusty, but still works great to put some rhythm in to whatever songs you’re creating.

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Customizable pre-set beats with a classic tone you just can’t find anymore. The KR-55B was originally introduced in 1982 and still makes waves with vintage samples and diverse rhythms. While the drum pattern itself is not programmable, you can still customize the sound to a large extent with the on-board effects and processing available in this unit.


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