Moog Matriarch Semi-modular Polyphonic Synth


  • 4 note paraphonic analogue synthesizer
  • Built in 256 step sequencer
  • Arpeggiator
  • Stereo delay
  • 90 modular patch points
  • 49 velocity-sensing keys
  • Pitch bend, Mod wheel


Moog is known for setting a very high standard in the world of synthesizers. Whether you just want to dial in a tone and start playing, or you’re looking to build complex arrangements that can be easily recreated in a live setting, the Moog Matriarch does it all.

This analogue synthesizer comes with four fully independent oscillators that can be played in single, double, or four-note mode. A powerful, 256-step sequencer also allows quick programming of beats, melodies, and harmonies. For more automated expressions, and customizable arpeggiator is also included.

To fully enable customization and connectivity, the Moog Matriarch also includes 90 modular patch points and 3.5 mm cables to run your signals through all sorts of effects and processors. And while the patching option is powerful and available by default, it also isn’t mandatory as the included keyboard and standard tone settings already provide a wide range of sounds. Once you’re ready though, you can take it even further!

From polyphonic atmospheric pads to complex beats with sequences grooves, the Moog Matriarch can do it all!


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