Novation Bass Station II Monosynth


  • Analog Synth
  • 3 independent oscillators
  • 25 keys
  • Fully MIDI compliant
  • Upgraded version of the popular Bass Station
  • Comes with 64 factory set patches and 64 free slots
  • Full analog effects
  • 3 year warranty


The Novation Bass Station II is a mono-synth with a specialization for analog bass sounds. That doesn’t mean you’re limited to the bass!

The board comes preloaded with 64 factory preset sounds, as well as storage space for you to add up to 64 more.

The Bass Station’s synthesizer is powered by three independent oscillators including one sub oscillator that delivers the deep and unique bass sound.

The Novation Bass Station II is a great addition to your collection: it will fit right in whether it’s your first synth or a specialized board for rich bass sounds.


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